15 September 2009

A Night to Remember

SATURDAY the 12th: A NIGHT TO REMEMBER (in more ways than one)

Somehow my family birthday party and the annual summer closing powwow ended up on the same day this year...this is how it went down:

8:00--I wake up, becuase, obviously, Saturdays are for running errands and not for sleeping in nosireebob
8:30--My dad and I sucessfully leave to run errands, purposely leaving my brother behind with Mom and Grandma to do unforgiving chores
9:00--Elmer's doesn't have the right kind of Argentinian wine. Vodka and beer a yes.
9:30--Walmart doesn't have guest napkins in the right design. But the toaster ovens look interesting, so we pick one up.
1o:oo--We find Zeytinia to be lacking in both the oregano and Clorox departments...off to Stop and Shop.
10:30--I point out a yet untried bagel place as a possible candidate for lunch. Dad points out it's 10:30 and I already had breakfast. Guess who wins.
11:00--We return home. The house smells of garlic and MSNBC.
11:10--I am instructed to sweep the deck clear of leaves. I finish in 10 minutes.
11:20--I am instructed to sweep the deck "correctly." I finish in 30 minutes.
12:00--I plead to help with food prep.
12:01--I am instructed to make the sangria, which makes perfect sense, considering I am of the legal drinking age.
12:10--Peach schnapps smells delicious.
12:50--I clear the sangria cups and such and pretend to do something constructive in my room. I run through my Youtube subscriptions.
2:00--The party is slated to start.
2:43--Our first guests arrive.
5:00--Three Sprites and Twelve games of Wii cow racing later, dinner is served. My cousin talks about her generally positive reaction to her ACTs this morning. I eat way too much Wave Hill.
6:00--Present time! Other summer birthdays first
6:15--I open my first present--books on Shakespeare and manic depression. I feel optomistic.
6:20--Swedish Fish, Twizzlers, and a ticket to Next to Normal, a new musical about manic depression. Subtle theme or ill-advised hidden message from my family?
6:25--I seriously never knew anyone made the "Candy and Money" gift basket, but I'll be darned if that isn't a box of Nerds draped with singles.
6:30--A polo, an iTunes giftcard, and an icecream maker ball from Grandma.
7:30--Dessert, complete WITH FOUR KINDS OF PIE, including the only blueberry of the season
8:00--Aforementioned cousin: "Oh hey, before I leave, wouldn't it be a great idea if we all had a pitch-black night swin in the 60 degree pool? Everyone change!"
8:30--Me and six other suckers in the pool later: "I don't know....it looks kinda cold."
8:40--Two games of water basketball a la glace. My team loses twice.
9:00--we dry off in time for two episodes of iCarly in a row. Gibby takes his shirt off...typical.
10:00--House Hunters! This time, they're actually not Canadian.
11:00--BED. I AM WIPED.

PS--Title reference: the frigid waters reminded me of the Godawful Titanic novelization

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