15 September 2009

The Latest

  • RIP Patrick Swayze
  • I don't enjoy Taylor Swift to any extent, mais Kanye is, in fact, a douche
  • Joe Wilson's offense was neither political nor racial. It was a matter of being polite
  • I enjoy Glee
  • I reccomend Youtube subscriptions to Whatthebuck, ShaneDawsonTV, sxephil, The Station, BrittaniLouiseTaylor, Liamkylesullivan, and RIPLEYTHEBAND


Sylvia said...

Nice header. AND. We should have a Swayze tribute (Dirty Dancing to go along with that upcoming Top Chef party?) Thanks about liking my Galileo name--if you ever need a name for a pet, just call me.

Anna said...

Hi! I like your blog, it seems pretty cool :)

Come check out mine,