20 April 2009

Living on the Never Never

I realize I'm breaking two rules here: 1) this post is certainly not 6 days or less after my last, and 2) this is not aboot my vacance to Hilton Head etc. That is indeed eventful but would take me much too long to write right now.

So some current musings:
  • Blood Brothers is to Britain as TSO is to America and Romeo et Juliette is to les francais, which is to say, epicality epitomized (you can quote me). It's the melodramatic and oftimes comedic musical about the lives of two twins seperated at birth (the wikinition is quite thorough). After having rave reviews of its performance @ Pelham Memorial High in NY, I downloaded the original cast album (UK) to listen to on car trips and relive the performance. And I will tell you--it's the oddest balance of hokey and absolutely amazing songs I've ever encountered. Lyrics, available through a Google search, don't do the musical's powerful and recurrent melodic themes justice alone, though some are passable as standalone lyrics.
  • Susan Boyle is the cutest little old lady ever. Enough said.
  • Jeffrey Steingarten's new book (ie published 6 yrs ago and I wasn't aware) lives up to his last beautifully. If you're a fan of watching his criticism on Iron Chef, as I am, your appreciation for him will increase 100-fold with reading his books.
  • Brigadoon is almost here. Lawds.
  • Won't be going to Chicago. Sorry.
  • It's Pot Day and I am not celebrating.

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Anonymous said...

chris -

thanks for being honest with me today.

i needed to hear about it and i know where my priorities are now.

thank you