20 April 2009

Living on the Never Never

I realize I'm breaking two rules here: 1) this post is certainly not 6 days or less after my last, and 2) this is not aboot my vacance to Hilton Head etc. That is indeed eventful but would take me much too long to write right now.

So some current musings:
  • Blood Brothers is to Britain as TSO is to America and Romeo et Juliette is to les francais, which is to say, epicality epitomized (you can quote me). It's the melodramatic and oftimes comedic musical about the lives of two twins seperated at birth (the wikinition is quite thorough). After having rave reviews of its performance @ Pelham Memorial High in NY, I downloaded the original cast album (UK) to listen to on car trips and relive the performance. And I will tell you--it's the oddest balance of hokey and absolutely amazing songs I've ever encountered. Lyrics, available through a Google search, don't do the musical's powerful and recurrent melodic themes justice alone, though some are passable as standalone lyrics.
  • Susan Boyle is the cutest little old lady ever. Enough said.
  • Jeffrey Steingarten's new book (ie published 6 yrs ago and I wasn't aware) lives up to his last beautifully. If you're a fan of watching his criticism on Iron Chef, as I am, your appreciation for him will increase 100-fold with reading his books.
  • Brigadoon is almost here. Lawds.
  • Won't be going to Chicago. Sorry.
  • It's Pot Day and I am not celebrating.

11 April 2009

TV Update: All you didn't need to know and therefore were not afraid to ask

American Idol was meh. The only entertaining parts were the Observer's (Fringe) appearances, and Adam Lambert's dad's remark that "he didn't like sports much." Well, this came as no surprise to anyone, because...
Hey! How did THIS get here?
I MEAN, because he toured with Wicked. Ah, you know those acting types. C+

Fringe, though, was great. I rated it an 8/10 on my favorite fan blog. I'm not great with keeping my own interest with writing recaps, but Fox put out a little happy recap vid after the latest episode aired.

All in all, quite stimulating. B+

Absolutely nothing. Studying and rehearsal call.

Oh jezzuz. So many shows.
The Office, Pt. 1--Michael hires former coworkers, gets turned down a loan by his Gram A-
Parks and Rec--Amy Poeler is disillusioned, Rashida Jones is overworked, Aziz Ansari is pervy, Nick Offerman is apathetic, Aubrey Plaza is sublimely sardonic, Paul Schneider is annoyed. I am pleased. Pilot--A
The Office, Pt. 2--Cramped offices, failed sucking up. Highlight: Dwight and Andy now duking it out over the new receptionist. B
30 Rock--layoffs at NBC! Celebrity misunderstanding, Tina Fey whoring herself out for smaller budget cuts at TGS, Roger Bart as the auditor. How could this be anything but A+?
Hell's Kitchen--everyone sucked, as usual. First service with one unified team, and everyone is still a self-centered ass. Giovanni gets the boot. Generally boring. B-


07 April 2009

The House of the Rising Sun

Some things to say first:
  1. COMPLETELY disregard my last post's introduction. As both a lazy lump and an [a]pathetic mathematician, I have neither the time nor the desire to post "every prime day." As you can see, I've just adopted the much more efficient method of posting at least once every Adaduanan-Soviet week.
  2. Upcoming events for me include a road trip/vacation to the Land of Deen (South Caroliner), managing and performing in Annie's Broadway cares benefit, getting it Brigadone, and taking a short food tour/award ceremony/college visit to Chicago immediately afterwards. Pictures sure to follow (taken from my Panasonic HDD camcorder which takes passable pictures but oddly enough cannot produce salvageable video)
  3. This week is like the biggest week in television EVER. To kick it off:
A REVIEW OF HOUSE 5.20 (Spoilers aboot):

Well! What an episode...starting out with Meat Loaf (reverently named "Eddie" in this episode) saying goodbye to his friends as he dies of heart failure at home. But--surprise surprise--it's his doting wife who falls ill, suffering a closed throat.

Meh. Opening titles. Do do do DO do DO-O! Jennifer Morrison gets a river again. WTF Fox?

So here we are, back @ Princeton Plainsboro. The whole krewe is here except...where's Kumar (I mean Kutner)? Well House of course doesn't take a sick day for an answer, so he naturall
y enlists Foreman and Thirteen to break into his apartment...where they fing him dead in a pool of blood, bullet in his head. YOWZA.
And then...Jesus I'm already bored. I'll let BlogsForHouse explain it:

"House takes this on as his main focal point of trying to solve the mystery of why Kutner would kill himself. There is a couple, an older man and woman. The man is having heart problems, and the woman fakes illness to be close with her husband.

As the episode unfolds, it turns out that the woman really does have something wrong with her, and She is bent on attempting to save her husband. The plot continues to revolve around the issue of suicide, from the woman trying to kill herself to save her husband and donate her heart, to her husband demanding to donate his kidney to save his wife, and of course, Kutner's suicide, which House simply cannot wrap his mind around.

House continues to focus more on solving the mystery of why Kutner would kill himself than on the mystery of what is wrong with the now mysteriously ill woman. House persuades Cameron to talk to Meatloaf and have him agree to donate his liver to his dying wife. He will die on the table, but he only has a few days to live. He agrees, but then Cameron tells House that there are nodules on Meatloaf's fingers, and he may have a curable disease. 

She's correct, and House tells him that he has a fungal infection and he's completely curable. He tells house that they'll be scraping up his remains to give a kidney to his wife. His plans are foiled when Taub tells the woman that her husband has a curable disease, but he wants to donate his kidney, if that's okay with her.

Meanwhile, House has decided that there is no plausible reason for Kutner to commit suicide, so it must have been murder. Now he is investigating the "murder" of Lawrence Kutner. He is not there because he cares about Kutner. He only cares to solve the puzzle. The woman is getting worse, and it finally occurs to House that if she is sick, and they can't figure out what is wrong, then all the clues must not be there. Everybody lies, so she lied about something. He bursts in and asks why she would think the beaches of Rio are the same as the beaches of Hawaii. It turns out, she was bitten by some sort of fly. She comes clean and tells her husband that she just got tired of waiting for him to come so they can have their dream vacation in Rio, and she went with someone else. 

It's too late, however. She was not diagnosed in time.

House continues looking through Kutner's apartment, while everyone else attends the funeral. Taub, staying behind at the hospital, finally breaks down and cries."

Well, yes. Thanks. And aside from the fact that I was left hanging (after all, I've been known to read Wikipedia synopses of EVERYTHING to spoill it) by not really finding out how Kutner died, I would say it's one of the most solid and gripping episodes, up there with the 2-part Infected Pot and Season 4 finale episodes. A-

Next posts: look for criticism on Fringe, Hell's Kitchen, and NBC's Thurs. comedy. Possibly also American Idol, if chem becomes magically easier.

01 April 2009

Agenda, April 1

I've decided on each prime-number day of the month, I shall post my agenda for the day and try to make sense of it all.

I'm also trying my hand at dystopian Rorshachian poetry. I'm actually pretty good at it.

6:25--alarm. Bitch please.
6:55--I actually wake up. The shower drips like melancholy watermelon.
7:30--Bottom Line: general lethargy, lack of pranks
8:26--daily discussions of college acceptance. I also do a thing called Russian studies. But mostly the discussions.
9:20--math tests handed back. we congratulate a senior on his milestone achievement in the class: an A- test. It is a sophomore level course.
10:03--I start a 43 minute deeply intellectual conversation on the benefits and disadvantages of studying sexual psychology. sadly, the most stimulating (intellectually) encounter I have all day.
10:52--an hour of absolutely no jokes. we sing some sorry excuses for adjucate-able songs with local god, Gawle. my city screams. and when it does, i'll look at the prostitutes and say "no."
12:30--since English has by now proved unworthy of any attention, I am thrust into a vivid recount of the exciting life of Vince ShamWow, who was recently arrested for assulting a $1k hooker after she bit his tounge. despite going through a creative writing unit, we can't seem t make up a better story than this true one.
1:15--I realize that taking notes on sea turtles in French will not become one of my life pleasures. Le zut alors, c'est moi. Turtles left bad taste in mouth.
2:05--I am regaled with epipen training, even more CPR rescue breaths than I ever thought I'd see, and a tattoo of an electrical socket on my arm.
3:15--arrive home; go upstairs to start homework
4:30--intend to start homework, work on horribly decorated benefit poster instead
6--arrive at choral rehearsal, no homework done. general dedication, quality, bad songs, and haberdashery ensue.
7:30--arrive home for dinner.
8:30--start my homework, consisting mainly of sea turtles.
9:30--begin non-turtle related homework
10:30--begin wasting time posting