26 February 2009

That Foxy FOX

Another installment of Hell's Kitchen and more sneaking suspicions that it's really just Top Chef for the uncultured. Today the publicity gurus of FOX decided it was high time to create a sabotage (or savatage, whichever) scandal. The perpetrator? Find out during the episode.
Great plan, except, of course, that no one actually tried to sabotage anyone else. It was just another relatively boring episode of catfights and heated brawls amongst the barking commands of His Holiness Gordon Ramsay. And although resident Forrest Gump Seth was thankfully kicked off, the show will prove to be as saucy as ever with the show's thickhead Coleen and lazy Lacey sure to impress with incredibly and increasingly idiotic antics.
So what is to expect? In short, more explicit yelling...


Oh, Jakisa Nicole...

Well, another season of Top Chef has come and passed us all, like Halley's Comet or my bus home (almost). Both my predictions were incorrect: Carla lost to Hosea and Stefan didn't win (the only blessing to be had), and Carla ended up crying the show out. I am forever opposed to good ol whatsherface, the sous chef that by way of sous vie and souffle (God am I on a roll) destroyed Hootie's chances of winning. Although I'm sure the upcoming fan favorite doesn't mind she's driving off with a new VENZA.
(must always be capitalized to signify yelling)

In other news, I was cast in the local production of Brigadoon as Archie Beaton. Scohhish oksents ah haahd, leaddie.

Ah yes, and Fringe, my new favorite physical activity (trick phrase! I don't even know what that is) is on hiatus for another 5 or so weeks, so entertaining myself has proved difficult. Today I glanced at my Fringe cast desktop photo and noticed something funny, so I decided to proclaim it in the art of song:
"Oh, Jakisa Nicole,
Your face is asymmetrical,
Oh, Jakisa Nicole,
Jakisa Nicole"

Now, of course, it isn't really, but the picture makes it look that way.
 (far right)
I smell a Grammy.

Till later

25 February 2009

Musings and the like

  • Ash Wednesday rules are set by age, not by status in the church, as communion and other things of that sort are.
  • Homework is a dreary yet efficient way of keeping kids away from drugs, fun, and Trackside (or your money back).
  • I own more wooden flowers than I do books of David Sedaris. Someday, this fact will become the sole interest and truth of the world.
  • Le Franglish est une language vrai; chouette.
  • While it is true that New Jersey is neither new nor a jersey, it is also true that New Hampshire is not new but very hampshire indeed.
  • HOOTIE HOO! This blog endorses Carla until she loses to that pompous derriere Stefan, at which point this post will become merely about a Venza-winning bobblehead who inevitably will become fan favorite.
  • All vegetables are healthy, except brain corn, which is both posionous and sentient. WERE YOU AWARE OF IT?