15 September 2009

The Latest

  • RIP Patrick Swayze
  • I don't enjoy Taylor Swift to any extent, mais Kanye is, in fact, a douche
  • Joe Wilson's offense was neither political nor racial. It was a matter of being polite
  • I enjoy Glee
  • I reccomend Youtube subscriptions to Whatthebuck, ShaneDawsonTV, sxephil, The Station, BrittaniLouiseTaylor, Liamkylesullivan, and RIPLEYTHEBAND

A Night to Remember

SATURDAY the 12th: A NIGHT TO REMEMBER (in more ways than one)

Somehow my family birthday party and the annual summer closing powwow ended up on the same day this year...this is how it went down:

8:00--I wake up, becuase, obviously, Saturdays are for running errands and not for sleeping in nosireebob
8:30--My dad and I sucessfully leave to run errands, purposely leaving my brother behind with Mom and Grandma to do unforgiving chores
9:00--Elmer's doesn't have the right kind of Argentinian wine. Vodka and beer a yes.
9:30--Walmart doesn't have guest napkins in the right design. But the toaster ovens look interesting, so we pick one up.
1o:oo--We find Zeytinia to be lacking in both the oregano and Clorox departments...off to Stop and Shop.
10:30--I point out a yet untried bagel place as a possible candidate for lunch. Dad points out it's 10:30 and I already had breakfast. Guess who wins.
11:00--We return home. The house smells of garlic and MSNBC.
11:10--I am instructed to sweep the deck clear of leaves. I finish in 10 minutes.
11:20--I am instructed to sweep the deck "correctly." I finish in 30 minutes.
12:00--I plead to help with food prep.
12:01--I am instructed to make the sangria, which makes perfect sense, considering I am of the legal drinking age.
12:10--Peach schnapps smells delicious.
12:50--I clear the sangria cups and such and pretend to do something constructive in my room. I run through my Youtube subscriptions.
2:00--The party is slated to start.
2:43--Our first guests arrive.
5:00--Three Sprites and Twelve games of Wii cow racing later, dinner is served. My cousin talks about her generally positive reaction to her ACTs this morning. I eat way too much Wave Hill.
6:00--Present time! Other summer birthdays first
6:15--I open my first present--books on Shakespeare and manic depression. I feel optomistic.
6:20--Swedish Fish, Twizzlers, and a ticket to Next to Normal, a new musical about manic depression. Subtle theme or ill-advised hidden message from my family?
6:25--I seriously never knew anyone made the "Candy and Money" gift basket, but I'll be darned if that isn't a box of Nerds draped with singles.
6:30--A polo, an iTunes giftcard, and an icecream maker ball from Grandma.
7:30--Dessert, complete WITH FOUR KINDS OF PIE, including the only blueberry of the season
8:00--Aforementioned cousin: "Oh hey, before I leave, wouldn't it be a great idea if we all had a pitch-black night swin in the 60 degree pool? Everyone change!"
8:30--Me and six other suckers in the pool later: "I don't know....it looks kinda cold."
8:40--Two games of water basketball a la glace. My team loses twice.
9:00--we dry off in time for two episodes of iCarly in a row. Gibby takes his shirt off...typical.
10:00--House Hunters! This time, they're actually not Canadian.
11:00--BED. I AM WIPED.

PS--Title reference: the frigid waters reminded me of the Godawful Titanic novelization

11 August 2009

30 July 2009

Me Talk Pretty One Day

Once upon a time i logged into Blogger and realized i had not posted in over a month. I chalked it up to trips the first week, laziness the next, "busy-ness" for the next three. Now, even though i have just recently resumed work, i find myself with time to spare, or, at least, more free time than i should have.

So what have i been doing this summer?

Answer: not a lot yet too much

right after school i went on a mission trip thru my church...you may have seen it in the paper, but i hope you haven't. all i'll say is that i was misquoted, to say the least. Of course, the $700+ application fee included a business class round trip train ride, but no decent lodging. Which is to say, i slept in a church basement. In a 16-bed dorm. In a converted closet. On the upper bunk: just below metal pipes and resting on the air-filled mattress that comes with the DIY bed that they expect you to throw away.

And this picture doesn't do my room justice, as this more open, bigger, brighter, cleaner room was for the girls.
Oh! Hello bathroom, with only 2 shower stalls for 20 adult and teenage guys.

And this was our lovely common room (this is how i feel hufflepuff's must look like). It was outfitted with all the proper amenities, including overstuffed couches, Apples to Apples, and a VCR with classics such as Atlantis and Shark Tale. The poster on the right wall with red block lettering was created by another church youth group in our town, and, while their poster looked better than ours did, i'm pretty sure they didn't have the initiative to start a street dance party at 10:30 outside a Metro station in DC. Because we sure did.

After i returned from a week of community service, i sure as hell wasn't going to contribute anything to society for at least a week. Monday thru Friday thereafter consisted of rising @ 11 am, eating incredibly unhealthy things, and rewatching Tony performances of Shrek and Rock of Ages' excellent/crap/hugely entertaining/mindblowing rendition of "Don't Stop Believin'." (which is finally a showtune!)

Then came the culture shock that is called "Learn to Row" camp at the Norwalk River Rowing Assc. Ah yes. I rowed in barges and shells, in sunlight and in rain, swept and skulled, and still managed to be paired with my brother in almost every boat. Most entertaining were our visits from the Russians (from rival Maritime Rowing), one of which pictured below (along with an irresistable goof from the website):

OlgaOlga Vengerovskiy is a former Open World Champion and Russian National Champion. She has extensive experience as a rowing coach. From 1980-1991, she coached at the Specialized School of Olympic Reserves in the Ukraine. After coming to the United States, Olga coached at the Saugatuck Rowing Association, and, together with Yan, founded the Water Sports Center in Norwalk.

Yuri Kolomiets

This is new our new coach. (ENGRISH PLEEZ?)

Technically, she's Ukrainian, but that doesn't make her less scary: she would ride through the water, flanked by highschoolers in single and double skulling (2 oars per person) boats, rowing as if their lives depended on it. Frequently, we would hear her voice (as she was hooked up to a permanent megaphone on her safety speedboat) cackling and screaming mercilessly to no end. "YOU'RE DOING IT WRRRRONG!" she would shout through the speaker, "NO AHMS, NO LAYGS, NO NAHTEENG!"

Oh, and rowing was a physical activity, so i really would prefer not to talk about it anymore. Moving along.

Then it was time for theatre camp, which brings me to today and this past week. It's actually been rather typical, if you consider songs, acting, and teaching little boys that it is imperative to wash your hands, yes, even if you didn't touch your penis a typical day job.

And that's basically it for now. In short, Top Chef Masters is great but the host sucks toast, the new Hell's Kitchen proves to be crazy like before, Meteor was a horrible waste of time, and i cannot believe i only just started Arrested Development on Hulu.

COMING UP NEXT MONTH: Jersey Shore, Cape May, Atlantic City, my birthday, suicidal AP summer work, a visit from the family in Rochester.

Until next post,


17 June 2009

lotus fruit

floating buddha thinks / sitting on brown leaves / lotus in the jar / between crooked trees

lotus fruit / lull me to sleep

floating on the lake / staring towards the sun / gazing through the past, he'll realize / that his time is done

broken painting lies / shattered glass around / cold and empty wall / picture can't be found

lotus fruit / lull me to sleep

such unbear'ble pain / shut and lock the door / follow a new path, start over / can't take any more...


02 June 2009

"next to of course god america i
love you land of the pilgrims' and so forth oh"
-- e e cummings

you're a hotdog but youd better not try to hurt her, Frankfurter
you're a hotdog but youd better not try to hurt her, Frankfurter
you're a hotdog--

if only we were amongst friends

or sane persons

20 April 2009

Living on the Never Never

I realize I'm breaking two rules here: 1) this post is certainly not 6 days or less after my last, and 2) this is not aboot my vacance to Hilton Head etc. That is indeed eventful but would take me much too long to write right now.

So some current musings:
  • Blood Brothers is to Britain as TSO is to America and Romeo et Juliette is to les francais, which is to say, epicality epitomized (you can quote me). It's the melodramatic and oftimes comedic musical about the lives of two twins seperated at birth (the wikinition is quite thorough). After having rave reviews of its performance @ Pelham Memorial High in NY, I downloaded the original cast album (UK) to listen to on car trips and relive the performance. And I will tell you--it's the oddest balance of hokey and absolutely amazing songs I've ever encountered. Lyrics, available through a Google search, don't do the musical's powerful and recurrent melodic themes justice alone, though some are passable as standalone lyrics.
  • Susan Boyle is the cutest little old lady ever. Enough said.
  • Jeffrey Steingarten's new book (ie published 6 yrs ago and I wasn't aware) lives up to his last beautifully. If you're a fan of watching his criticism on Iron Chef, as I am, your appreciation for him will increase 100-fold with reading his books.
  • Brigadoon is almost here. Lawds.
  • Won't be going to Chicago. Sorry.
  • It's Pot Day and I am not celebrating.